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Constant Voltage Transformer

Specially Design o/p Voltage 12V – 24V – 50V – 80V – 110V

415 Two Phase Input & Single Phase Output

Constant Voltage Transformer

In an SAVIN CVT, the AC mains powers the input winding which is widely separated physically from the isolated output winding. The input winding normally runs at very moderate Flux Linkage levels. The output winding exhibits an intrinsic energy storage characteristic and this energy storage operates in conjunction with mains capacitor to produce self-generated AC flux field which is indirectly excited form the input winding.

SAVIN Constant Voltage Transformers ensure total protection of your sensitive electronic equipment by allowing only stablized and pure sinewave power.

Fields of Application

Computers, Data Processing equipment, Colour Photography Labs,Bio-medical equipment, Telecommunication, TV, VCD/DVD recorders & players,Fax machine and all other sensitive electronic devices.

  • Keep magnetic storage and display devices like Diskettes, Spools, Monitors etc. away from the CVT.
  • Switch on the CVT before switching ON the attached peripherals and while switching off, switch OFF attached peripherals first and then the CVT.
  • Avoid using the CVT for high inductive loads. * Check frequency before using the CVT with a generator. Recommended frequency: 50+ 1Hz
  • Switch OFF the CVT when not in use.
Mains power supply
  after correction by SAVIN CTV
Input Voltage
180V-260V (other choices on request)
Live Frequency
Output Voltage
220/230 + 1% & 110+ %
Output Stepload responce
2 cycle (30 to 40 millisecond)
90% (approx) under full load conditions
Output Waveform
Waveform Distortion
5 % (approx) under full load conditions
Load Power Factor
0.75% lag to 0.9% lead
Ambient temperature
-5 C to 50 C
Transformer Type
Capacity :
50VA, 100VA, 150VA, 250VA, up-to 5KVA
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